The Twins - Singles Collection (2CD)

Passion Factory
Kategoria: discodance
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1. The Runaway
2. The The Desert Place (Single Mix)
3. The Birds And Dogs
4. The Face To Face - Heart To Heart
5. The Not The Loving Kind (Album Version)
6. The Ballet Dancer (Album Version)
7. The Love System (Single Mix)
8. The The Game Of Chance (Single Mix)
9. The Love In The Dark (Single Mix)
10. The Deep Within My Heart (Single Mix)
11. The Time Will Tell (Single Mix)
12. The Hold On To Your Dreams (Single Mix)
13. The One Day (Single Mix)
14. The Not The Loving Kind (Remix)
15. The Ballet Dancer (Remix)
16. The Tonight (Single Mix)
17. The Love Is Blind (Single Mix)
18. The Touch Of Heaven (Remix)
19. The I Need You (Remix)
1. The Playing With Fire (Unreleased Track)
2. The Can't Get Out (Unreleased Track)
3. The War On War (Unreleased Track)
4. The Breaking My Heart (Unreleased Track)
5. The Don't Know What To Do (Unreleased Track)
6. The Touch Of Heaven (12 Inch Mix)
7. The Ballet Dancer (Latino Rap Version)
8. The Face To Face - Heart To Heart (C.K.Remix)
9. The Tonight (Dub Mix)
10. The Love Is Blind (Long Version)
11. The Not The Loving Kind (25th Anniversary Remix)
12. The Going Through The Motions (Single Mix)
13. The Forever And Ever (Unreleased Track)
14. The Ballet Dancer ('99 Remix)
15. The One Day (1st Version)
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