Arabesque - Best Of Vol.2 (2CD)-11616

Arabesque - Best Of Vol.2 (2CD)

Passion Factory
Kategoria: discodance
50,00 zł

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1 Dance,Dance,Dance
2 A New Sensation
3 Make Love Whenever You Can
4 Look Alive
5 Sunset In New York
6 Hi, Hi Highway
7 The Rebels Of The Bounty
8 Tropical Summer Night
9 Run The Show
10 I Stand By You
11 Ladies First
12 The Only Night Was A Lonely Night
13 Indio Boy
14 Catch Me Tiger
15 You Better Get A Move On
16 Bye Bye My Love
17 Sunrise In Your Eyes
18 For Your Smile
19 Love Is Like A Synphony
20 Time To Say Good Bye
1 Midnight Dancer
2 Young Fingers Get Burnt
3 Discover Me
4 Keep The Wolf From The Door
5 Moorea
6 Nights In The Harbour
7 The Hero Of My Life
8 Dreaming
9 Hey What A Magic Night
10 Like A Shot In The Dark
11 Prison Of Love
12 Rainy Love Affair
13 The Doctor Likes Music
14 Lets Make A Night Of It
15 Heart On Fire
16 Loser Pays The Piper
17 Stop Crying For The Moon
18 Indio Boy (Version für Japan)
19 Hi,Hi Highway (Version für Japan)
20 Time To Say Good-Bye (Extended version)
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