ZYX Italo Disco Collection 3 (3CD)

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1. More Than A Kiss Michael Bedford

2. I Find The Way Roger Meno

3. For Your Love Albert One

4. Catch Me Now I'm Falling K. B. Caps

5. Whenever You Go Danuta

6. Madame Ken Laszlo

7. Runner Jow Yellow

8. Don't Lose Your Heart Joy Peters

9. Moonlight Affair Cliff Turner

10. Tracks In The Snow Grant Miller

11. Baby Blue Divina

12. Souvenir Nicky & Nicky


1. Stand Up Mike Mareen

2. Under Cover Lover T. Ark

3. Holiday Love Affair On T. V.

4. Bobody's Woman Danuta

5. I Don't Wanna Lose You Tonight Patty Ryan

6. Only One Night The Hurricanes

7. Red For Love Grant Miller

8. Gimme The Light Solid Strangers

9. Like A Burning Star Jessica

10. Bandiera La Playa Del Sol Del Faro

11. You Love Cliff Turner

12. Hey You Joe Lockwood


1. Tonight Michael Bedford

2. Magic Carillon Rose

3. Stay With Me Tonight Patty Ryan

4. Julia K. B. Caps

5. What My Heart Wanna Say Roger Meno

6. Give Me The Night Facts & Fiction

7. Lady Ecstasy Mike Mareen

8. Boys Don't Cry Moulin Rouge

9. Doctor For My Heart Grant Miller

10. Chinese Magic Jessica

11. My Delight Solid Strangers

12. Yeti Radiorama

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