ZYX Italo Disco Collection 4 (3CD)

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CD1: 1. Danger Danger Silent Circle 2. Pictures Scotch 3. Over Again Brian Ice 4. Do You Realy Need Me K. B. Caps 5. Music In The Night Solid Strangers 6. Space Boys Michel Bedford 7. Dial My Number R. Bais 8. One Night In Love Joy Peters 9. Plastic Age Interface 10. Money Mozzart 11. Chica Boom Silver Pozzoli

CD2: 1. Mr. Fantasy Lee Marrow 2. Pretty Baby Silver Pozzoli 3. Angel You Primadonna 4. One Day Love Mike Mareen 5. Win The Race Amadeus Liszt 6. On The Beach Tonight Cruisin'gang 7. Roadrunner U. K. 8. Say You'll Never Lian Ross 9. Touch My Heart Danuta 10. Fairy Tale Rose 11. Pray Stravaganza

CD3: 1. Dream P. Lion 2. Last Summer Wish Key 3. Take My Heart Joe Yellow 4. Jesahel Key West 5. Sunshine Love Anthony's Games 6. Agent Of Liberty Mike Mareen 7. Rainy Day Brando 8. Tonight Valentino 9. How Are You Dj's Project 10. Need Your Passion Sweet Connection 11. Don't Stop Ross

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