Symphonic & Opera Metal Vol.5 (2CD)-10834

Symphonic & Opera Metal Vol.5 (2CD)

Golden Core
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1. Crimson Bow And Arrow by Epica
2. Phantom Divini (shadow Empire) by Kamelot
3. Hysteria by Beyond The Black
4. Signs Are Here by Therion
5. Coming Home by Power Quest
6. The Deep & The Dark by Visions Of Atlantis
7. Play With Fire by Follow The Cipher
8. The Purple Skies by Midnattsol
9. Into The Night by Sirenia
10. Anyone by Amberian Dawn
11. Blame by Inner Core
12. Burning Desire by Angel Heart
13. Heaven's Demise by Glasya
14. Rod Of Asclepius by Arrayan Path
15. Dance Of The Satyr by Coronatus
16. The Beacons Of Somewhere Sometime (Part 1: Maelstrom) by Subsignal
1. The Power Process by Mayan
2. Sky Sailing by Dark Sarah
3. Edge Of Your Sword by Leah
4. Oraculum by Until Dawn
5. Frozen Throne by Kalidia
6. Suckerpunch by Delain
7. Force Of Destiny by Tigersclaw
8. The Voice Of Your Dreams by Diabulus In Musica
9. The Star Of Home by Hammerfall
10. Black Horse Rider by Metalite
11. Afterlife by Illusoria
12. The Waste Land by Lost In Grey
13. In Temptation by Ember Sea
14. Farewell by Horizons Edge
15. Mask Of The Youth by Frozen Land
16. Remember The Time by Blackwelder

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