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Best of 80s & 90s Disco Party (4CD)



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Zestaw 4 CD w boxie, ZYX Music, 2020
01. Global Deejays "What A Feeling (Flashdance)"
02. Easyjetters Feat. Anna Dee "From Paris To Berlin"
03. Daniel Hoppe Feat. Paul King "Love & Pride 2005"
04. Chevallier & Tobi Diamond "Easy Lover"
05. Wayne, Jan "Mad World"
06. Cosmic Gate Feat. Jan Johnston "I Feel Wonderful"
07. Royal Gigolos "Self Control"
08. Danielle "La Poupee"
09. Dash "Cash" Diamond "Pimp My Girl"
10. Blackvogue Soundsystem "Fast Car"
11. Bombay Rockers "Sexy Mama"
12. Paul Cless Feat. Brixx "Suavemente"
13. Ordonez "Yo Vivire"
14. The Real Thing Vs. Daren Deeze "You To Me Are Everything"
15. Sam Feat. Isy B. "Erste Wahl"
16. Disx Feat. Marly "Under My Skin"
17. DJ Bobo "Amazing Life"
18. Baccara "Yes Sir I Can Boogie"
19. Ayu "Appears"
20. Wunder "Was H?lt Uns Wach" CD2
01. Gigi D Agostino "Wellfare"
02. Le Weekend "Lamour Futur"
03. Partypimpz "Holiday Rap"
04. DJ Jean "Every Single Day"
05. Pulsedriver "Vagabonds"
06. Hysterie "Imagination"
07. Marc Mendezz Vs. Oliver Swab "Rio De Janeiro"
08. Mister Rokk Feat. Fancy "Slice Me Nice"
09. Rocco "Counting The Days"
10. Tiesto "Adagio For Strings"
11. Megara Vs. DJ Lee "Musical Society"
12. Sanna Feat. Il Professore "Nobody S Sleeping"
13. Gogh, Niels Van "Bombs Away"
14. She S. Sunshine Feat. Mila "Bring The Beat Back"
15. Tbc "Rainbow"
16. Spoot "Don T Cry Tonight"
17. X-Cabs Vs. Riddler & Headcrush "Neuro 2005"
18. Tune Up! "Another Day"
19. Vandice Vs. Tecay "Turn It Up!"
20. Scarf! "Hithouse 1" CD3
01. Royal Melody "Blinded By The Light"
02. Brooklyn Bounce "Sex, Bass & Rock N Roll"
03. Baker, Shaun "Xplode 2"
04. Benassi Bros. Feat. Sandy "Rocket In The Sky"
05. Antoine Clamaran "Let S Get Together"
06. DJ Lee "Fight Hard"
07. Deep. Spirit "Lonely"
08. Pulsedriver "Intension (Nothing Can Stop Us)"
09. Sven R-G Vs. Bass-T "Never Talkin"
10. Mohito Feat. Howard Jones "Slip Away"
11. Niels Van Gogh Vs. Tandu "Turn It Around Baby"
12. Dottor Dag "La Batteria Della Mente"
13. Da Franco "Show Me"
14. Clubcraaft "Surrender"
15. Ray Burton Feat. Titus "Barock Me"
16. Munich S Finest "Happy Hour"
17. Horny United "Good Times"
18. A Studio Feat. Polina "S.O.S."
19. Rachael Starr "Till There Was You" CD4
01. Benassi, Benny "Who S Your Daddy ?"
02. Danzel "Put Your Hands Up In The Air!"
03. Madagascar 5 Vs. K.K. Project "I Like To Move It"
04. Bass Frog "Pump Up The Jam 2005"
05. Bad Candy "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
06. In-Grid "Mama Mia"
07. Kuffdam & Plant "Summer Dream"
08. Sherrie Lea "Spellbound"
09. Dixi Disco "I Can T Stand It"
10. Candy Boyz "Life Is So Sad"
11. Blister "Summertime"
12. Gogh, Niels Van "My Own Religion"
13. Faniello, Fabrizio "Love On The Radio"
14. Carlito "Carlito (Who S That Boy)"
15. Gigi D Agostino "The Rain"
16. 4 Strings "Desire"
17. Mint Royale "Wait For You"
18. Dnx Feat. The Voice "In The Ghetto"
19. Moisha "Play The Comedy"
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