ZYX Italo Disco Collection 33 (2CD)

ZYX Italo Disco Collection 33 (2CD)

Moroz Records
Kategoria: discodance
59,00 zł

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2CD, ZYX Music, 2023    premiera 15/12/2023

Lista utworów:
Tom Hooker Looking For Love
Thomas Another Game
Fun Fun Give Me Your Love
Edy Band Sexy Lady
Sensitive Don't Stop
Mono Band Mr. Crusoe
Radiorama Hey Hey
Sam Jordan Feel My Fire
Wish Key Orient Express
Cyber People Void Vision
Three Of You Grace
Colors Never Mind
Telex News Forever
Kano Queen Of Witches
Mike Up Just For You
Jet Set Love Dance
One Two Night Dancer
Pick-Up Every Night
93rd Superbowl Forever And A Day
Valerie Dore The Night
Power & Passion Women Run The World
Robert Sandrini Occhi Su Di Me

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