Finest Singer / Songwriter Collection (CD)-12300

Finest Singer / Songwriter Collection (CD)

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1.Ralph Mctell - Streets Of London4:07
2.Donovan - Catch The Wind2:56
3.Ray Charles - Sittin' On Top Of The World2:17
4.Willie Nelson - Where My House Lives2:21
5.The Kinks - Death Of A Clown3:13
6.Gilbert O'sullivan - Get Down2:44
7.Neil Sedaka - Calendar Girl2:36
8.Bob Dylan - Man Of Constant Sorrow3:10
9.Wishful Thinking - Hiroshima4:55
10.John Campbelljohn - Good Morning Mr. Blue Sky3:21
11.Peter Karp - I'm Not Giving Up5:35
12.Roger Hubbard - Wasn't Meant To Be4:17
13.Billy Joel & The Hassles - Why Judy Why2:58
14.Joan Baez - Black Is The Colour2:42
15.Thom Pace - Wear The Sun In Your Heart/maybe6:43
16.Johnny Cash - Frankie And Johnny2:19
17.Glen Campbell - Bridge Over Troubled4:38
18.Roy Orbison - Only The Lonely2:25

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