Flemming Dallum pres.ZYX Italo Disco Boot Mix (LP)-11488
Flemming Dallum pres.ZYX Italo Disco Boot Mix (LP)-11488

Flemming Dallum pres.ZYX Italo Disco Boot Mix (LP)

Kategoria: winyle
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Płyta winylowa ZYX Music, 2019

1.Don Shelley - Dance To The Music1:24
 2.Lee Marrow - Cannibals (baa-bou - Baa-bou)0:37
 3.Panorama - War In Love0:37
 4.Brian Auger - Night Train To Nowhere0:54
 5.Sylvi Foster - Hookey0:39
 6.Mike Cannon - Voices In The Dark0:18
 7.Steel Mind - Bad Passion1:15
 8.Brian Ice - Talking To The Night0:39
 9.Valerie Dore - The Night0:58
 10.M-basic - Ok. Run0:18
 11.Mac Jr. - Elephant Song0:26
 12.Scotch - Disco Band0:56
 13.Koto - Japanese War Game0:34
 14.Miko Mission - How Old Are You?0:51
 15.Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream0:36
 16.Baby's Gang - Happy Song0:17
 17.Sky Creackers - You Should Be Dancing0:12
 18.Marzio Dance - You Can Do It1:09
 19.N.o.i.a. - True Love0:28
 20.Kano - I Need Love0:25
 21.N.o.i.a. - Stranger In A Strange Land0:33
 22.Miko Mission - The World Is You0:45
 23.Torrevado - Living In The Shuttle0:41
 24.Electric Mind - Can We Go0:33
 25.Kano - Another Life0:34
 26.Flexx - Love Theme From Flexxy-ball (You'll Never Change No More)0:49
 27.Duke Lake - Dance Tonight0:26
 28.Doctor's Cat - Feel The Drive1:24
 29.Cheaps - Moliendo Cafe0:42
 30.Koto - Visitors0:05
 31.Ken Laszlo - Tonight0:23
 32.Time - Shaker Shake0:16
 33.Diviacchi - Waiting For Heaven0:33
 34.Band Image - Are You Loving?0:38
 35.Fred Ventura - The Years (go By)0:23
 36.Koto - Jabdah0:28
 37.Capricorn - I Need Love0:56
 38.Duke Lake - Do You0:37
 39.Doctor's Cat - Watch Out!1:13
 40.J.d. Jaber - Don't Stop Lovin'0:48
 41.Marzio Dance D.j. - Rap-o-hush1:13
 42.Tommy Bow - Dance Tonight0:53
 43.Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita1:03
 44.Stopp - I'm Hungry0:24
 45.Baby's Gang - Challenger0:06
 46.Charlie - Spacer Woman0:21
 47.Chris Luis - The Heart Of The City0:32
 48.Fun Fun - Colour My Love1:05
 49.Styloo - Pretty Face1:11
 50.Faxe - Time For Changes0:34
 51.Scotch - Money Runner1:32
 52.Nico Band - Let It Show1:24
 53.Baby's Gang - Jamin1:03
 54.Den Harrow - A Taste Of Love1:24
 55.Baby's Gang - My Little Japanese Boy0:55

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